The completed sukkah, deployed on-site at Nathan Phillips Square.

Shelter of Four // Sukkahville 2015 @ Nathan Phillips Square

2nd Place & People's Choice Award

This project was created for Sukkahville 2015, an international design competition that challenges entrants to re-imagine the traditional structure of the sukkah for the Jewish festival of Sukkot. The structure is made up of over forty panels of CNC-milled plywood, supported by three main spines and slotted into a single foot piece. The result is a gently undulating exterior contrasted by a carved, cave-like interior. The delicate pattern of perforations in each layer is based on the arba’a minim - four species of plants mentioned in the Torah in relation to Sukkot.

Interior night view towards City Hall, lit by the iconic Toronto sign.
Interior view featuring seating element.
Rendered visualization for competition entry.
Front elevation with measurements.
Isometric full view and section.
Assembly diagram of selected panels.
Assembly diagram of rear panel.