An exterior render showing a pedestrian access tunnel

Aboriginal Arts + Cultural Community Center

Speculative Deisign Project

Located near the Distillery District, the Aboriginal Arts + Cultural Community Center creates a much-needed space for arts, health care, and other cultural activities from Aboriginal heritage. Its focus is on enhancing the connection between Aboriginal culture and the surrounding community. Major paths of circulation in the area are used to carve tunnels through the building at ground level. Each tunnel is highlighted by an array of colourful glass. Both the exterior and the interior of the building use glazed black brick to contrast with the punches of colour along the façade, creating a fun, modern look.

Site plan at 1:500 scale.
Ground floor plan.
Preliminary diagram showing the idea of carving away a solid using circulation paths and a central courtyard.
Longitudinal and transverse sections.
Interior renders of a "feature ramp"and an upstairs art gallery.
Exploded axonometric diagram through the north wing of the building.
Detail drawings at key conditions, 1:50 scale.